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Smart Warehouse Solution

Currently, most retail warehouse faces many challenges:

  Too many goods in warehouse, so the wireless signal shielding between channels is relatively serious, and the wireless signal is unstable. It is offline frequently when the wireless terminal moves in the warehouse.

  The registration of goods into and out of the warehouse is done manually and is inefficient.

  Usually there are no professional staff responsible for network operations and maintenance, and network maintenance is very difficult.

Huawei Smart Warehouse solution is based on cloud management Wi-Fi, mapping different kinds scenarios for large, medium and small warehouses. Wi-Fi and IoT convergence technology ensure internet access and automatic registration of goods into and out of the warehouse, and it guarantees a stable connection with full coverage and smart roaming.

Smart roaming prevents terminals from going offline frequently, improving mobile experiences.

The architecture of Huawei’s Smart Warehouse Solution is shown as follows:

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  • Guaranteed Stable Connection

    Small warehouse with low shelves: directional + Omni AP, for full coverage and stable signal. Large warehouse with high shelves: distributed AP and smart roaming, for improved wireless performance.

  • Auto In/Out Product Registration

    Converged Wi-Fi and IoT ensure internet access and automatic registration of goods in and out based on RFID, which improves efficiency and reduces TCO by 30 percent.

  • Unified O&M

    The cloud management Wi-Fi platform provides unified management of warehouse network equipment, simplified operations and maintenance, and easy network replication.