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Flexible SDN Solutions for the Agile Enterprise

Huawei Leads the Practice and Revolution of SDN

From the information age to the present, the job of networks has evolved from providing reliable connections to offering open, simple, and secure platforms to enable digital transformation. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a technology enabling network transformation. It improves network usage, simplifies network O&M, automates deployment of network resources, creates simpler and wider terminal interconnections in the IoT sector, implements free mobility of campus network services, and offers on-demand enterprise interconnections. By leveraging SDN, enterprises can define their own networks and modify networks to support digital upgrades.

SDN Technology on Data Center Networks (DCN): Huawei CloudFabric builds a simple, open, and elastic DCN. DCNs built with CloudFabric feature:

  • Fully automated service provisioning within minutes
  • Refined O&M, smart fault location within minutes
  • The industry’s largest-capacity networking capability, flexible service scalability

SDN Technology on Campuses
: Huawei leverages cloud technology to provide cloud-based campus network management services that are characterized by “faster deployment”, “simplified administration”, and “richer applications”. Purpose-built products and solutions provide Wi-Fi access in all scenarios, enabling the optimal network experience. In order to fully utilize both wired and wireless networks, Huawei implements wired and wireless convergence that delivers a consistent user experience and simplifies campus network O&M.

SDN Technology in the IoT
: EC-IoT innovatively applies edge computing and cloud managed platforms to the IoT field, which enables:

  • Local real-time processing, response time in milliseconds
  • Tens of millions of terminals managed, cloud-based O&M
  • Multi-level openness, 50% improved integration efficiency

SDN Technology on Enterprise Interconnection Networks
: CloudEPN supports SD-WAN and CloudVPN modes, meeting customers’ service requirements in different phases. CloudEPN also achieves:

  • Shortened service provisioning time (from 30 days to 20 minutes)
  • High cost-effectiveness, reduce WAN costs by 50%
  • Customized priority, better experience 

SDN Technology on Network Security
: SDN technology builds a highly efficient, flexible, and ubiquitous security defense system.

  • The Agile Controller schedules services uniformly and builds a cloud-pipe-device threat defense system in data center, campus, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), and IoT scenarios
  • Precise defense based on Big Data — detects 12 types of threats with a detection accuracy of 99% or greater
  • On-demand security service provisioning: Function virtualization, on-demand, and self-help subscription of 12 types of Valued-Added Services (VASs) in the cloud

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

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Software-Defined Campus Network Solutions

Automated deployment, fast response, and flexible integration of services and application innovation

EC-IoT Solution

Based on edge computing and SDN technology, manages tens of millions of terminals in the cloud.

Software-Defined Data Center Network Solutions

Huawei software-defined data center network solutions boost service provisioning efficiency by 10 times

Software-defined WAN Network Solution

The Software-defined WAN Network meets high demand cloud computing in the Internet of Things (IoT) era

CloudEPN Solution

Huawei’s CloudEPN solution provides capacity on demand with reduced interconnection cost.