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Power Distribution Automation Communications Solution

PON Access Solution

A power grid’s reliability and quality directly impacts economic activities and residents’ daily life. While an automated distribution network solves essential problems in linking power supplies with demand, older grids make that difficult to do becuase:

  • Aging devices and lines, and improperly distributed grids cause high line loss and low power quality
  • Without Distribution Automation (DA), grid devices cannot be effectively monitored, and grids have weak self-healing capabilities
  • DA’s many devices and complicated scenarios require high communication reliability and low latency

Huawei’s solution, with leading ICT technologies such as xPON, eLTE, industrial Ethernet switches, and GPRS/3G, makes DA possible on existing grids.

Huawei’s solution is comprised of three layers:

  • The main station system layer provides an integrated ICT solution for DA main stations. Specific devices include servers, storage devices, routers, switches, GPRS/3G modems, and security devices
  • The grid terminal layer consists of a wide array of terminal devices such as Distribution Terminal Units, Transformer Terminal Units, and Feeder Terminal Units provided by Huawei and its partners. The terminals’ main function is to convert the data from power devices into wireless signals and send them to the communications layer
  • The communications layer provides private and public communications networks based on xPON (wired) or eLTE (wireless) networks. These technologies analyze and manage distribution systems in order to improve management efficiency and security and reduce power loss.

xPON-based dedicated DA communications network solution

Recommended for urban areas that have optical-fiber resources such as CBDs, and for high-tech industrial development zones

  • Active/standby failover and independent dual-uplinks provide reliable DA services in areas with heavy power loads
  • Comprehensive security for DA services with features such as prevention of eavesdropping and MAC spoofing
  • Maximum communication bandwidth of 2.5 Gbit/s over a distance of 20 km enhances DA service transmission

eLTE-based, dedicated DA communications network solution

Recommended for urban areas such as old residential areas with no resources and unfavorable conditions (for example, difficult site acquisition and high costs) for installing optical-fiber resources. This flattened IP network architecture reduces the number of network nodes and reduces latency:

  • Without optical-fiber resources, eLTE can still expand capacity by deploying additional CPEs and updating service data, thus simplifying network construction and maintenance
  • QoS-controlled dynamic bandwidth allocates resources based on priorities, ensuring the smooth operation of mission-critical services such as relay protection and remote control
  • Two-way authentication, UTRAN encryption, and signaling integrity protection measures ensure the reliability and security of the communications network.

eLTE/PON/ETH wired-wireless coverage for all DA scenarios, and "centralized O&M + hierarchical applications" smart distribution

Eliminating Information Silos

IEC61968/61970-compliant master station, achieving data sharing and eliminating information silos

Coverage for All DA Scenarios

Wired-Wireless coverage for all DA scenarios, meeting complex power distribution needs

Smart Distribution

IEC61850-3/IEEE1613-compliant communication terminals, meeting power distribution application needs

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