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Intelligent Operation Center Solution

Data sharing, security, Big Data management, and lower costs all on an open, agile platform

Intelligent Operations Center Solution

An intelligent operation center acts like a brain and central nervous system for Smart Cities, integrating and interconnecting information and processes. The intelligent operation center also provides a platform for technology, operation, and management:

Monitors city operations so professional staff can stay informed of conditions

• Accelerates emergency response with cross-agency collaboration

• Simulates city operations and facilitates intelligent decision-making with unified city development planning and data mining and analytics

• An open source data system offers personalized, ‘smart’ data services for citizens

Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Center solution is undergirded by a powerful, cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure. What’s more, Huawei has teamed with experienced partners to provide comprehensive features such as city management databases, data support and resource services, cross-agency applications, and plans for building city operation centers. The Huawei solution includes:

• ICT infrastructure: An eGovernment cloud platform centrally allocates and manages IT infrastructure and data resources such as computing, storage, and network resources

• City management databases: Population, housing, macro economy, and geographic information support flexible data sharing and decision-making

• Data support and resource services: Exploit the full benefits of Big Data by converging data across geographically-dispersed industries

• Cross-agency service applications: City operations status displays for monitoring and alerts, collaborative handling and command of emergencies, simulation and unified planning, ‘open city’ data and information services, and cyber security management

• City operation center: Large-screen display, digital conferencing, sound reinforcement, video and audio switching, central control systems, and other facilities

  • Agile government services
    The Huawei eGovernment Cloud Solution provides precise decision-making capabilities for government, efficient office platforms for workers, and diverse and convenient services for enterprises and the public. Based on an in-depth understanding of government information systems and IT innovations, Huawei provides agile, efficient, and secure eGovernment cloud solutions.
    In collaboration with integrators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Huawei provides:
    • Information-sharing infrastructure
    • Open data support platforms
    • Diverse intelligent applications
    • All-round security support
    • Efficient O&M
  • Information sharing
    Huawei provides many Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities:
    • State-of-the-art data center planning and design
    • Agile networks
    • High-performance computing
    • Secure storage
    • Efficient virtualization technologies
    The capabilities combine data center resources to build an information-sharing infrastructure that includes:
    • Equipment room facilities
    • Computing and storage resources
    • Network resources
    • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Open data support
    Huawei works with partners to provide an impressive array of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities: • The Government Data Sharing and Exchanging Platform integrates data such as population, enterprise, and geographic information with dynamic data such as population movement, city planning, administrative enforcement, and civil registrations. This integration improves government planning and emergency response capabilities • The Mobile Government Support Platform converges Certificate Authority (CA) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) modules to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) capability and extend services to mobile devices • The Government Geographic Resources Platform integrates diverse geographical resources into a single base map to accurately and efficiently support a variety of government applications, including decision-making, water affairs, city planning, and disaster response • The Government Big Data Management Platform analyzes, processes, and audits structured and unstructured data to provide scientific support for government decision-making and explore the value that otherwise remains hidden in massive amounts of data • Modular data centers for on-demand deployment and capacity expansion. Green and high-efficiency data center infrastructure meets the demands for energy conservation. A high-reliability O&M platform enables governmental departments to improve management efficiency and ability Additionally, enterprise Software Development Kits (eSDKs) provide open interfaces to integrate third-party systems and implement efficient resource management.
  • Intelligent government applications
    Huawei’s information-sharing infrastructure and open data support have attracted more than 100 well-known software vendors to develop diverse and intelligent government applications. These application choices provide government agencies, enterprises, and the public with a broad range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities, including:
    • Office Automation
    • Mobile government
    • City planning
    • Information sharing
    • Online service handling
    • Enterprise management

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  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Enables city running status display, monitoring, and warning to stay informed of urban conditions

  • Collaborative Emergency Response

    Improves collaborative handling and command capabilities to quickly respond to incidents

  • Unified Planning

    Employs Big Data analysis and mining to simulate city operations and facilitate intelligent decision-making

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