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Wireless Smart Factory Solution

Manufacturing is rapidly transforming as competition, complex regulatory requirements, and safety concerns mount. To meet these challenges, manufacturers are turning to intelligent solutions for planning, operations, and process control to ensure safety, protect people and the environment, and safeguard assets and intellectual property.

The challenge many manufacturers face is how to implement these next-generation systems using the older infrastructure that exists at their plants.

Huawei’s Wireless Factory solutions provide a complete, unified network based on its eLTE broadband product line. Integrated with flexible, distributed Wi-Fi networking tailored to your specific requirements, the end-to-end infrastructure will support the latest intelligent systems and is easily expanded as needs change.

Key Values

  • Broadband and narrowband combined wireless network: The eLTE industrial wireless solution is a wide-ranging Internet of Things solution for factories. eLTE can provide not only broadband access for video, data, and the mobile office, but also high-performance industrial-grade reliable narrowband IoT for massive numbers of devices.
  • Reliable Broadband Industrial Data Transmission: Through the embedded eLTE-U broadband data module, robot, AGV, and other production equipment can report operational status to the data center in real-time. Remote control, predictive maintenance, and other innovative Big Data-based applications can make the factory more efficient. Besides 2 to 3 times wider radius than traditional industrial Wi-Fi, eLTE-U can also provide a minimum of 20 ms latency stable links under complex mobile scenarios to better meet the industrial control requirements.
  • Mass IoT connections: eLTE-IoT can build a massive, low power consumption, narrowband IoT network for metering and material tracking services in factories. Based on unlicensed spectrum, eLTE-IoT can provide a maximum 50K connections per cell, making it possible to monitor the mass industrial sensors around the factory. I/O, energy efficiency (including voltage, current, accumulated electricity consumption), and the status of the equipment can be collected on time and graphically presented on site and in the data center.

With a Wireless Factory Solution from Huawei, you get the communications infrastructure needed to support intelligent manufacturing systems and the capacity and scalability to keep pace with future innovations:

  • Full coverage throughput throughout the entire operation provides the reliable bandwidth needed for cutting-edge intelligent systems
  • Simplified, uniform management systems improve the quality of Operations & Management (O&M) while reducing costs
  • Comprehensive security for the plant, storage facilities, equipment, IT infrastructure, applications, and data
  • More agility to manage production output and respond quickly to internal, external, and market changes
  • Improved safety from monitoring and real-time alerts to prevent employees from entering hazardous areas without proper protection
  • Environmentally friendly and safe operations with hyper-efficient energy consumption and waste disposal
  • Support for automated business processes and office automation, with tightly integrated sales/order management, customer service, and support
  • Improved efficiency leads to more business, increased sales, and higher profits

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Improve production, safety, and security

Resilient, cost-effective wireless networking supports cutting-edge, intelligent manufacturing systems

Access factory and office applications anywhere

Ubiquitous networking and mobile access to intelligent systems boost quality and productivity

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