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Regional Healthcare Information Network Solution

Discussion of telemedicine capabilities

Healthcare agencies around the world can now use RHIN to organize their countries’ shared regional information systems to control healthcare costs, reduce healthcare errors, and improve healthcare service quality. With RHIN, hospital administrators can select, integrate, and optimize the hardware and software that will ensure the security of regional healthcare platforms and health records. RHIN does this with ICT strategies such as:

  • Life cycle management of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Virtualized cloud platforms
  • Unified O&M, healthcare service disaster recovery, and Tier 3 security protection

Look to Huawei, an industry leader, to help you develop RHIN solutions

Huawei’s integrated RHIN system uses a cloud platform that provides:

  • Modular installation and deployment of application software that enables users to install software with just a mouse-click
  • Dynamic scalability management and inter-application resource multiplexing
  • Dynamic resource dispatching and power supply management that utilizes virtual machines to expand or shrink capacity

Open application and development interfaces for RHIN and the resident EHR system provide more benefits:

  • Operate health record data and promote development of healthcare information industries
  • Ensure high platform performance and prevent major system faults
  • Set up EHRs with cross-organization healthcare information-sharing
  • Enable independent software vendors to develop RHIN applications for mobile and other healthcare fields such as prescription drugs, insurance, and health management

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

48 TB non-blocking cloud data center network

Meets service exchange requirements for regional medical institutions

Ultra-large virtual Layer 2 network

Migration and registration of 1,000 virtual machines per second

PB-level service data life cycle management

Unified data storage and management plus data backup and archiving

FusionSphere virtualization cloud platform

Computing resource multiplexing that lowers TCO and improves system O&M

Optimized resources for better security

Meets RHIN Tier 3 information security protection requirements

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