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eGovernment Network Platform Solution

Haarlemmermeer, major economic municipality in the Netherlands, upgrades to an Agile Campus Network Solution from Huawei

Huawei offers several networking solutions that help government IT systems improve key capabilities, ranging from tighter security to better collaboration using desktop and mobile devices.

These solutions can advance network interoperability to improve information sharing and simplify maintenance. Better resource sharing boosts performance while eliminating duplicated IT infrastructure investments.

Huawei eGovernment solutions include:

  • Unified eGovernment networks
  • Comprehensive eGovernment security
  • Integrated eGovernment clouds
  • Collaborative eGovernment offices

eGovernment solutions that meet today’s challenges

The Huawei eGovernment network platform is tailored specifically to meet government requirements.

Unified eGovernment networks

Huawei’s unified eGovernment networks provide access, migration, and maintenance services using a multi-level management system with a simplified administration interface for:

  • Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs)
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Campus networks

The multi-level, cross-department collaboration allows employees to access the eGovernment network anywhere, anytime. The platform offers interactive services for the general public as well, delivering efficient network-based services around the clock.

Comprehensive eGovernment security

Huawei’s eGovernment security is built on a comprehensive network security system that protects cloud platforms, transmission networks, and terminals from unauthorized access and cyber attacks. Government security audit and certification policies protect terminals, devices, networks, and data centers. Huawei uses physical, logical, policy, application, and access isolation to protect systems, satisfying Level 3 standards for government security protection.

Integrated eGovernment clouds

Integrated eGovernment clouds take on challenges with resource integration, information security, cross-system management, and unified system operation and management:

  • Network O&M personnel can manage equipment rooms, infrastructure, and virtual resources in a unified way
  • Support for dynamic network capacity adaptation in the cloud. Integrated management for computing, exchange, and storage networks makes resources scalable and maximizes utilization
  • Differentiated security policies and customized management interfaces enable users to perform self-service resource and security management

Collaborative eGovernment offices

Huawei’s collaborative eGovernment offices offer secure, mobile, and collaborative applications for office automation, information security, and unified communications:

  • Smart mobile terminals help governments improve work efficiency
  • eSpace unified communications enables efficient office information collection and processing, quick data transmission, and statistics-based decision making that facilitates service and information collaboration
  • Optimized remote video conferencing features High-Definition (HD) video quality, system integration, easy maintenance, and high security and reliability, to improve office efficiency and lower conferencing costs

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Unified coverage for all agencies

Reliable services and full coverage specifically tailored for government agencies

Increased information security

All-round security protection meets Level 3 security standards even on widely dispersed network ports

Nimble government

Resource pooling aides quick service provisioning and dynamic hardware allocation for fast services

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