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Cloud Data Center for Education Solution

CE12800 and CE6800 Switches

Resource integration and knowledge-sharing are mission-critical tasks for educational data centers. They must handle data convergence and ICT environment development while offering services, such as:

  • Data computing
  • Network transmission
  • Information storage
  • Support for ICT-based education development

In the cloud era, schools need advanced infrastructure that can support sustainable development. Huawei’s Cloud Data Center for Education Solution provides an infrastructure with a solid foundation for knowledge-sharing and education equality.

Huawei’s Cloud Data Center for Education Solution features:

  • High flexibility
  • Virtualization
  • Open architecture
  • Intelligent applications

Its large-capacity, long-term stability will meet requirements for at least the next decade, offering the ability to adapt with changing needs and technology.

Server evolution

Experts estimate servers will evolve several generations over the next 10 years ─ 10 GE to 40 GE to 100 GE ─ significantly contributing to ICT-based education development. Huawei’s network can roll with the punches and keep you on the leading edge.

Virtual network

Huawei’s virtual network meets educational services’ diverse requirements while our open interface protocols for upper-level services allow flexible customization.

Intelligent fault management

Comprehensive intelligent fault management helps save time and money. The system monitors campus networks and when faults occur users receive fault location alerts in real time so technicians can easily locate and fix the faults. The system keeps the network running, greatly simplifies O&M, and improves worker efficiency.

Unified management for IP and IT devices

The solution centrally manages multiple network devices, servers, and enterprise applications to lower data center development costs and improve operating efficiency. You can manage devices and resources from multiple mainstream vendors, like IBM®, HP®, and Oracle®, in a unified manner. The solution’s open platform enables easy, in-depth integration.

Comprehensive security

Huawei’s security is tough. It defends against thousands of network, application, and management threats so data centers stay safe and enjoy high-performance.

Contact us and let us teach you more about Cloud Data Centers for education.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Reduce costs and preserve educational funding

Reduce IT costs and preserve limited funding with built-in data center evolution lasting a decade

Deploy quickly and evolve with the cloud

Evolve with the cloud and improve service deployment efficiency 10-fold

Protect teaching and research resources

Protect networks, applications, and management systems with iron-clad security

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