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Huawei Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Huawei Video Surveillance Solution

Huawei’s video surveillance products and security solutions are based on years of experience with video codec algorithms, network transmission, cloud storage, and Big Data analytics.

Huawei has best-of-breed product capabilities in the security industry, including HD video capture, wired and wireless network transmission, integrated cloud storage, and intelligent Big Data analytics. Huawei’s open architecture is compatible with many vendors, providing customers with smart and convenient business applications.

Huawei video surveillance and Safe City solutions are used in over 100 countries and regions, and create a safer environment for over 1 billion people.

Solution Highlights:

  • Matrix Intelligence
    Massive video data is structured to be quickly retrievable and improve management efficiency
  • Matrix Interconnection
    Domain-wide HD coverage and data sharing enhance cross-organizational, cross-regional, and cross-system retrieval to allow efficient decision making
  • All-scenarios in full HD
    A high-definition experience is ensured even in low bandwidth conditions
  • Cloud-based convergence
    Cloud-based architecture supports solutions for industry customers and video services for multiple users

Get big benefits with enterprise IT solutions from Huawei

Retrieve data within seconds

Retrieve pedestrian/vehicle data within seconds from hundreds of billions of records

Cross-regional video sharing

Interconnection of heterogeneous systems, enables access and sharing of 10s of millions of videos

All-scenarios in full HD

HD image encoding and decoding capabilities realize the high-definition experience in different conditions

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See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Smart City Improves Public Security Efficiency

Huawei’s Safe City platform has software, servers, storage, HD cameras for ePolice and checkpoints

Beijing Becomes Safer City with Surveillance

Beijing’s video surveillance system with Huawei’s IPC2601-P camera safely protects over 22 million people