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Enterprise Communications Solution

Huawei Cloud Communications video - Growing partnerships

Huawei Enterprise Communications (EC) Solution provides integrated voice, data, multimedia, and video capabilities for effective collaboration across the enterprise. EC enables:

  • Safe user access of the enterprise network using a terminal or mobile device anytime and from anywhere, connecting to a fully mobile office
  • Face-to-face HD video for life-like communication using desktops and smartphones
  • Integrated video, email, and messaging communications, applications, services, and workflows for effective, real-time collaboration
  • Open architecture and APIs for customizing UC networking, features, and services to meet the needs of large-scale global enterprises as well as small- and mid-sized businesses and home office users

Globalization, innovation in science, industry, and every profession, and the rapid adoption of mobile communication are driving organizational change throughout progressive-minded enterprises.

At the same time, the trend toward enterprise mobility, matrix management, and rich IP-based multimedia technologies and applications challenges every organization to provide safe, secure, and cost-effective communications and collaboration systems for their employees, partners, customers, and clients.

Huawei’s Enterprise Communications Solution meets these challenges with products designed for reliable, resilient communication. The products integrate voice, video, and data with enterprise applications and processes.

Custom solutions configured from Huawei’s broad range of ICT infrastructure products

Huawei’s Enterprise Communications (EC) Solution draws from a broad range of ICT infrastructure products and capabilities to deliver a tightly integrated solution for any organization in any industry regardless of size. The EC Solution is an investment in cutting-edge capabilities that add value right away and that can be extended to accommodate new applications, devices, and growth in the number of users. It provides:

  • Back-end systems and call management applications
  • Carrier-grade networking switches, gateways, access, and endpoint devices
  • Messaging, recording, directory, and mobile access systems
  • Customizable control and management capabilities
  • Videoconferencing devices, IP phones, PC desktop interfaces for users and management functions
  • Simple, user-friendly applications for smartphones

Rich, multimedia applications with simple, user-friendly interfaces for every device

With Huawei, you get a tightly integrated, easy-to-use UC Solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Simple and intuitive SoftConsole system for call management and central reception
  • Mobile Client Apps, supporting IP-based communications including text, messages with images, voice calls with video, video conferencing, and content sharing
  • Online services including directory, presence, and one-button conference access
  • Secure, responsive live-action video with clear audio quality and smooth images, making communications more personal
  • Asynchronous document browsing allows participants to browse shared documents freely
  • Elegant, feature-rich IP phones, linked to the Huawei Desktop Client 

Users can switch between voice, IM, video calling, and multimedia conferencing with just a few mouse clicks, smoothly and seamlessly delivering a superior user experience.

Flexible system deployment and scalability reduce CAPEX and OPEX

  • Multiple-node branch and single-node deployment options to meet individual requirements
  • Analog terminals and IP-based devices for optimizing existing investments and ROI
  • Leverage LAN communications and cost-effective IP-based WAN communications for reducing costs

Comprehensive reliability and security features ensure resilient, uninterruptible service

  • Remote mobile terminals access the network through the Session Border Controller (SBC) so media streams and end-to-end signaling can be encrypted for strong security
  • Central nodes are deployed in two-node cluster mode; modules on the gateways are redundant for better reliability; and two UC gateways can be deployed for remote disaster recovery
  • Endpoints and terminal interfaces support multiple registration, reducing the impact of Single Points Of Failure (SPOFs)
  • Regeneration at local gateways, and power-off survival and local switching for analog phone users improve reliability

Open interfaces and easy integration with services equal business agility

Open interfaces are provided for easy customization to meet system and terminal requirements of different industries and networking topologies. EC features and functionalities are integrated into service streams for greater flexibility and enterprise agility.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Simple, Easy-to-Use 

Tight integration and management of local and wireless networking, PCs, IP-based and analog devices

Efficient, Real-Time Collaboration

Integration of voice, video, data, and conferencing accelerate quality decision-making

Low CapEx 

Supports existing analog terminals and PCs; leverages LAN and low-cost IP WAN communications

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