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Contact Center Solution

Huawei Cloud Communications video - Growing partnerships

The Contact Center (CC) solution creates a multimedia services center for enterprises and businesses to offer effective customer and marketing services. Huawei’s full-service solution, with a flexible, cloud-based architecture, can transform your business into a valuable, profit center.
Here is how Huawei’s CC solution offers targeted marketing and customer services available anywhere, anytime:
  • Effective communication methods provide consistent experiences between agents and customers delivered through multiple channels, all to improve customer loyalty and corporate brand image
  • Highly reliable and easy-to-expand system, reduces Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Open, standard architecture allows for ease of customization
With creative core technologies and powerful end-to-end solutions, Huawei is dedicated to changing traditional operations into a profitable contact center solution for your business.


The development of IT technologies diversifies the ways in which people communicate. With increasing mobile applications, people can be in contact with each other through emerging ways, such as Short Message Service (SMS) message, Instant Messaging (IM), video, microblog, and WeChat. To bridge communications between enterprises and customers, a contact center needs to offer convenient services based upon customer contact habits and agent interaction.

The biggest challenges of a contact center are efficient communications and productivity between agents and customers, integration of multimedia services and other applications with availability anytime while balancing consistent operations, monitoring, and management of the overall center. CAPEX and TCO expenditures, as well as the ability to expand operations and services for future growth, are always considerations when selecting a solution.

As a result, the contact center is changing from a customer services center to an efficient cloud-based profit center with revenue-generating services and targeted marketing to increase customer loyalty.

Contact Center Solution

With global experience in delivering core contact center technologies, Huawei neatly integrates these innovations into a reliable, multimedia cloud-based architecture to offer personalized customer and marketing services for any business.

The CC solution offers robust features:

  • Supports access from multiple media channels, including voice, video, fax, email, web, and social media. The Contacts Routing Server (CRS) uniformly routes and allocates requests from multimedia channels to the most appropriate agent or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) flow.
  • Optimizes a full range of management applications with a reliable Browser/Server (B/S) structure, including outbound calling system, real-time monitoring system, inspection system, and report system. Management personnel can conveniently monitor the contact center’s operational status in real-time with these systems.
  • An open, multi-layered platform with interfaces for third-party development, service integration, and system customization.

Overview of Contact Center Solution

Application components of the CC solution are defined by multiple functional layers. At the Performance Optimization Management layer, two applications are the Performance Optimization Management (POM) and Business Intelligent Report (BIR).

  • POM monitors the overall operation management of the CC, maximizes agent service performance, and improves customer satisfaction. The center’s operating status can be visually displayed in multiple dimensions with recording, inspection, real-time monitoring, and agent scoring functions.
  • BIR is a comprehensive report platform and report tool with built-in or third-party report tools to customize reports. The built-in report tool collects statistics, allows users to customize reports, and displays them in tables or charts.

At the Intelligent Interaction Platform layer, there are four application components: the Contacts Routing Server (CRS), the Internet Contact Service (ICS), the Proactive Outbound Platform (POP), and the Automated Experience Portal (AEP).

  • CRS routes and allocates requests from multiple media channels in a unified manner, offers multimedia contact service control, agent management, and delivers a professional service experience.
  • ICS functions as a multimedia access gateway for a Contact Center’s web-based communications. Developed based on network and IP technologies, ICS supports multiple media channel access — web, email, and social media — to expand value-added services and marketing channels.
  • POP consists of outbound server and outbound management system to create an interactive CC that manages outbound calling for telemarketing and product review.
  • AEP offers customers rich self-services without agent interaction which are available 24/7 using an Interactive Voice Portal to enhance service flexibility.

Media platform resources and session control are managed by the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), such as Huawei’s U2980, and media controls are performed by an IVR server with load-balancing to ensure service continuity.


High-Efficiency cloud-based architecture

  • End-to-end integrated solution offers a unified O&M portal and combines all services into a single platform
  • Highly efficient and reliable cloud infrastructure developed based on the CTI pool and SIP service, supports multi-center disaster recovery, resource sharing, and smoothly expands to up to 20,000 agents
  • ACD Media platform, with the highest integration in the industry, saves 40% space and 55% energy consumption, and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Rich media resources embedded in the ACD save costs for purchasing third-party voice recording servers

Coordination between channels

  • Omnimedia service and marketing such as voice, text, web, social media, and WeChat with coordination between channels, delivers a consistent experience
  • Multi-party collaboration such as voice conference and remote desktop collaboration with customers: any staff can interact as an agent; professional experts and colleagues collaborate or can become agents to provide high-efficiency services as part of the solution

Openness and pre-integration

  • Open multi-layer platform capabilities, so teaming up with partners creates a win-win ecosystem
  • Pre-integrated mainstream Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and industry service suites, accelerates construction of service and marketing systems for all enterprise businesses

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Rich Communication Channels

Multiple media access channels for productive customer and agent services

Layered Services

Provides services to improve operations efficiency, increases customer loyalty

Collaboration Among All Staff

CC solution integrates with the UC system, enables agents to offer expert services


CC solution features high reliability and smooth expansion, lowers O&M costs

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