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What Is an IDN-Ready Switch?

  • Automation Capabilities

    Campus service digitalization increases network nodes and application diversity. To adapt to these changes and achieve automated deployment, IDN-ready switches provide NETCONF/YANG capabilities. They are also VXLAN capable to implement network virtualization. The switches support policy automation, achieving end-to-end network deployment and reducing network O&M.

  • Intelligence Capabilities

    IDN-ready switches support streaming telemetry to collect network data in seconds. They use enhanced Media Delivery Index (eMDI) to detect audio and video quality. The result is intelligent O&M of wired and wireless networks.

  • Integrated Security Capabilities

    IDN-Ready switches come with built-in security probes to report potential threat traffic information to the Cybersecurity Intelligence System (CIS) for detecting security threats and displaying network-wide security posture. This capability maximizes collaborative security protection and prevents lateral movement of threats.

Select the Best Product for Your Business

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  • Fixed Switches

S12700 Series Agile Switches

Terabit-core Agile Switches designed for next-generation campus networks, with a fully programmable architecture to meet fast-changing service needs.

S6720-HI Series Full-Featured 10 GE Routing Switches
10 GE full-featured routing switches, applicable to enterprise campus, carrier, university, and government networks.


Why Huawei Campus Switches?

  • Continuous Technological Innovation

    Huawei focuses on digital transformation requirements of various industries. Huawei implements continuous technological innovation to assist customers with digital transformation and upgrades in their respective industries. Together, Huawei and its partners are embracing the “Activate Intelligence” era.

  • Standardization and Compatibility

    Huawei switches comply with industry standards and protocols. They interwork with proprietary protocols of mainstream vendors as well as third-party Network Management Systems (NMSs) and authentication servers, allowing for flexible network expansion.

  • Abundant Success Stories

    With years of experience in the network technology field, Huawei has accumulated extensive knowledge. Huawei switch products and solutions are widely used in numerous industries today.

Find the Right Switch Solution

  • 0102

    Agile Campus Network Solution

    Huawei Agile Campus Solution is intended especially for medium- and large-sized campus networks. It builds on Huawei's IDN innovations and integrates big data, AI, and SDN technologies to networks. With these merits, customers can build high-quality wired and wireless networks with compelling features such as automated service provisioning, intelligent experience assurance, and ubiquitous security protection. The solution is tailored to governments, higher education institutions, large enterprises, and other sectors.

  • 0202

    Cloud Managed Campus Network Solution

    Huawei Cloud Managed Campus Network Solution is ideal for small and medium-sized campus networks and multi-branch campus networks. It makes the most of cloud managed network technologies to implement network planning, deployment, and O&M on the cloud. User-friendly GUIs provided by this solution simplify network management, and remote O&M greatly reduces costs. By using an open platform, this feature-rich solution accelerates the rollout of digital applications across industries such as retail, shopping mall/supermarket, and primary education.

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