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FusionCloud Streamlines Train Service

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FusionCloud Streamlines Train Service

2013/8/20 11:34:39


China’s Xi’an Railway Bureau needed to modernize its traditional rail system to eliminate traffic bottlenecks, but its legacy IT systems were a major problem. The Xi’an Railway Bureau provides services for most of northern China. In addition to express and local passenger traffic, it also carries critical natural resources. The original Xi’an Railway Station serves China’s lower-speed passenger and cargo trains, while the newer Xi’an North Railway Station on the edge of the city handles high-speed bullet trains.


Improving the Xi’an Railway Station’s passenger and freight capacity faced difficulties due to its legacy IT system:

  • The Ankang City station’s legacy IT system could not meet service or office requirements
  • Ankang, some 236 miles from Xi’an, had no server, switch, videoconferencing system, functional network system, or Web portal
  • The Suide County train station had new signaling, maintenance, and power supply systems, but needed new office facilities
  • Legacy hardware PCs were inexpensive to deploy, but testing, software deployment and upgrades, plus system management and maintenance were costly

Most of the bureau’s information management personnel were stationed in Xi’an, far from other station offices, so on-site troubleshooting and routine system inspection and maintenance were slow and expensive.


Huawei proposed its comprehensive FusionCloud Desktop Solution.  

Huawei installed servers in the Xi’an station information center and thin clients in all locations to provide virtualized desktop services over the network. Now departmental offices can access information center servers through the railway’s intranet to process railway transportation services. Advantages include:

  • High-compatibility peripherals

The Xi’an Railway Bureau has a large number of peripheral devices such as network printers, public address systems, and office automation devices with a variety of interfaces in its network. Huawei provided a tailored peripheral access mechanism that quickly provided an operational system.

  • Flexible service distribution platform

System administrators now can allocate desktop cloud resources to users. The cloud also provides a unified Web GUI and streamlined service operation processes and open APIs to customize third-party services. If the number of users reaches capacity, the operation platform can be divided to provide separate intranet and extranet services.

  • Advanced security

Huawei provided an information security solution that ensures terminal, access, network, data, cloud platform, and operation and maintenance security. The solution seamlessly integrates the Huawei Eudemon series firewalls, SVN series Secure Access Gateways, and Terminal Security Management software to provide advanced network security management services such as access control, software management, patch installation, and interface management and control.


The FusionCloud computing solution simplifies service management and enables flexible deployment of applications while enabling Xi’an Railway to keep its legacy servers. The solution increased IT management efficiency and improved security and work environments:

  • IT resources can be provided quickly, improving cost-effectiveness
  • The data center stores data, processes services, and sends screen signals to terminals for display, which improves information security
  • The desktop cloud system enables users to access their desktops from various environments and terminals anytime, anywhere
  • Users can switch between terminals without interrupting services
  • Thin clients are quiet, low-power, and produce little heat

What’s more, FusionCloud Desktop Solution’s virtualized architecture provides high availability and reliability and increases resource usage.

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