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Huawei Cloud DC Assures Karamay’s Transformation

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Huawei Cloud DC Assures Karamay’s Transformation

2017/5/26 0:00:00

“Thanks to our cooperation with Huawei in the field of cloud services, Karamay is evolving from the Watt era to the bit era. All services in the city, including approval of governmental affairs, civilian services, digital city, digital oil field, medicine cloud, community cloud, and international eCommerce, are over a Huawei cloud platform.”

— Zhang Hongyan, Mayor of Karamay


The Karamay oil field is the first big oil field discovered in China. Karamay city is dependent on its oil fields. Karamay proactively seeks information-based transformation and endeavors to develop information industry. As early as 2008, Karamay successfully built the world’s first digital oil field and has become a leading example of Smart City technology.

As a top information and communications solution vendor in the world, Huawei adheres to the concept of digital, networking, and intelligent construction of data centers. In 2011 the Karamay city government and Huawei carried out strategic cooperation in cloud computing and initiated eGovernment cloud. Both parties jointly determined four strategic directions for cloud data centers in Karamay:

  • Become a centralized service center for Xinjiang
  • Become a disaster recovery data center for the whole nation of China
  • Become an eCommerce center for central Asia
  • Become a Big Data processing center for the world


The services that Huawei cloud data center provides for Karamay city include eGovernment, police, health, and education. In the future, this cloud data center will be a national disaster recovery data center. To provide these services, the data center must be highly reliable and comply with national grade-A standards to guarantee zero-interruption of services. As a national green data center, it must be energy saving and avoid waste of resources. The data center uses an intelligent management system to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance labor.


The city of Karamay’s cloud data center covers an area of 16,492 square meters and consists of three layers: Power distribution room, equipment room, and fresh air room, It was constructed in two phases and totaled more than 1,400 cabinets. To satisfy Karamay’s data center requirements for reliability, security, green power savings, and high efficiency operation and maintenance, Huawei provided the following:

  • Twenty-two 600-kVA modular UPS5000-E devices in 2N architecture
  • Eighty-two NetCol8000 precision air conditioners that use confined cold aisle to stop the mixture of cold and hot air
  • NetEco intelligent management system that performs centralized management of the devices, monitors key components in real-time, displays device running status in report form, and provides fault warning and troubleshooting


Dedicated to the design concepts of reliability, high efficiency, and simplicity, Huawei built a new-generation green data center for Karamay. Compared with the industrial average, Huawei’s highly efficient UPS and cooling system can save electricity fees by USD 0.6 million annually — an excellent contribution to the green and energy savings principles — and the intelligent management system can improve work efficiency by 30 percent for operation and maintenance personnel.

After the Huawei Karamay cloud data center is constructed, multiple large-scale data centers, including China Petroleum (Karamay) data center, China Mobile (Xinjiang) data center, and Xinjiang disaster recovery data center will be located on the campus. In the future, there will be more national large-scale data centers residing on the campus, effectively promoting the implementation and development of local information-based strategies, helping Karamay build a Smart City, and output IT resources to Xinjiang and even the whole country.

About the Customer

Karamay is a prefecture-level city in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China. The name of the city comes from the Uyghur language, and means ‘black oil’, referring to the oil fields near the city.

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