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All-Optical Access Solution

With more and more HD and ultra-HD video terminals, intelligent IoT homes, mobile users, and cloud services, current network solutions may face challenges such as, long load time for HD videos, strong Wi-Fi signal but limited wireless network speed, limited services and convergence, high network infrastructure cost, slow service responses, and increased customer complaints

Huawei’s All-Optical Access Solution provides highly reliable gigaband networks, integrated services, high QoS, and O&M tools, to build a green, secure, and stable network architecture for last mile access. The solution is an industry-leading, next-generation distributed OLT, with a focus on ultra-broadband and multi-ISP access, building a unified platform for service convergence and forwarding. The widely-covered ONU series is capable of meeting the demands of narrowband or broadband, families or enterprises, and indoor or outdoor settings. The smart and well-designed ONT series, with a focus on home interconnections, entertainment, and intelligent control, helps construct a future-oriented home center. It is green and cost-effective with less active devices, the All-Optical Access Solution requires less equipment room space, which helps to lower O&M costs.

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