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Reshaping IT to Fuel Digital Banking Transformation

Reshape IT to Fuel Digital Banking Transformation

With innovative ICT, Huawei is reshaping the traditional IT platform architecture, data value, and service channel experience. This enables banks to implement innovative technology to support financial services, reform banking service processes, and accelerate digital banking transformation.

Reshaping Platforms

Huawei’s Financial Cloud Solution accelerates financial product innovation. High-performance x86 servers and software-defined storage replace traditional closed architectures, significantly reducing banks’ IT costs.

Reshaping Services

Huawei's Omni-Channel Banking Solution enables video interaction between banks and consumers through screen terminals, such as Virtual Teller Machines, smart phones, tablets, and TVs.

Need an ICT solution for these challenges? 

Big Data, big problems, big costs

Massive amounts of unstructured data is difficult to manage, protect, access, and process

Too many networks in too many places

Too many isolated physical networks make it difficult to efficiently adapt to new or upgraded services

Customer lines stretching out the door

Limited self-services are sending customers straight to your counters, slowing the pace of business

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