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Building a Broadband and Efficient National Education and Research Network

With the rollout of new services such as distance education, digital libraries, and video conferences, multiple services need to be carried on a unified basis. Emerging technologies such as gene detection, geological analysis, and astronomical observation are increasingly dependent on Big Data analysis and flexible transmission. Digital Hongfeng is determined to become successful, and needs to build a super-wide, flexible, and intelligent network. The education and research network faces a series of problems, such as insufficient bandwidth, low reliability, many types of devices are deployed on the legacy network, requiring complex management, and long service provisioning time.

Huawei’s Education Backbone Network Solution, with end-to-end Multi-Service Optical Transport (MS-OTN) architecture, carries multiple services, such as SDH/IP/FC, and supports InfiniBand interfaces for High-Performance Computing (HPC) interconnection. The single-fiber capacity is greater than 20 Tbit/s, so a single wavelength can be smoothly evolved from 100G to 200G/400G/1T to cope with experimental Big Data transmission in education and scientific research.

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  • Ultra-Large Bandwidth

    The NE-40E router provides 2 Tbit/s line-speed LPU and supports 36T. OTN transmission products support SDH/OTN/PKT service access and unified switching, and single wavelength 100G/200G/400G supports smooth evolution from 1T/2T to 20T+.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Equipment and network-level protection with Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) protection against multiple fiber cuts, provides 99.999x% reliability. Huawei-patented router Virtual Private Network Fast Reroute (VPN FRR) ensures fast service recovery in any scenario.

  • Simple O&M

    Netstar network planning tools help customers quickly plan networks, innovate 5D tools for intelligent diagnosis and analysis, manage resources in a visualized manner, and automatically commission and monitor the entire network, reducing O&M costs.

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