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In today's mobile broadband Internet era, Huawei is extremely focused on enterprise customers. Huawei works hard to help enterprises work smarter and gain competitive edge over their competitors. Huawei offers different services, such as voice, broadband data communications, and massive data collection, to achieve this goal.

Huawei leverages leading wireless technologies and deep insights into industrial customers to deliver eLTE broadband trunking, eLTE industrial wireless network, and GSM-R solutions. These solutions are used in a wide range of professional services, such as professional trunking, video surveillance, broadband data access, Internet of Things (IoT) data collection, professional wireless dispatch for railways, and high-speed train control. These solutions help enterprise customers to improve their operation efficiency and to operate more intelligently based on big data applications.

Smart Interconnectivity, Win-Win Cooperation

  • Ubiquitous service

  • Flexible deployment

  • Security, reliability

  • Openness and cooperation