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Distributed Base Station DBS3900

This modular unit is designed to be installed far from other units — speeding site selection and network construction and saving investment in repeaters. It enables flexible coverage along railway lines, especially tunnels and bridges. It consists of a Baseband Unit (BBU) and a number of Remote Radio Units (RRUs), creating a single powerful cell over multiple sites.

The DBS3900 can support both GSM-R and eLTE. The GSM-R system can be upgraded to eLTE for Railway by software — there’s no need to replace hardware. Its low power consumption makes it possible to be powered by green energy — solar power, wind power, and biogas.


Parameters Specifications
Working Frequency Bands
  • 876 to 880 MHz and 921 to 925 MHz
  • 880 to 915 MHz and 925 to 960 MHz
  • 1,710 to 1,785 MHz and 1,805 to 1,880 MHz
  • One BBU supports six RRUs. 
  • Each RRU supports a maximum of six levels of cascading.
  • Each RRU supports two carriers.
Networking A maximum of 12 subsites are allowed to serve one cell. Each subsite supports three RRUs.
Transmit Power
  • 918 MHz to 925 MHz: 2 x 60W
  • 925 MHz to 960 MHz: 2 x 80W
Receiver Sensitivity
  • 918 MHz to 925 MHz: Single antenna: -112.5 dBm, Double antennas: -115.5 dBm
  • 925 MHz to 960 MHz: Single antenna: -113.4 dBm, Double antennas: -116.4 dBm
BBU3900 Size (H x W x D) 86 mm x 442 mm x 310 mm
RRU3004 Size (H x W x D) 480 mm x 356 mm x 100 mm
RRU3004 with housing Size (H x W x D) 485 mm x 380 mm x 130 mm
BBU3900 Weight Typical: 7 kg; maximum: 12 kg
RRU3004 Weight 15 kg without housing; 17 kg with housing
BBU3900 Input Power
  • -48V DC; voltage range: -38.4V DC to -57V DC
  • +24V DC; voltage range: +21.6V DC to +29V DC
RRU3004 Input Power
  • -48V DC; voltage range: -36V DC to -57V DC
  • 220V AC; voltage range: 176V AC to 290V AC for RRU3004 of the E frequency band

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