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eA300 eLTE-IoT DAU

Huawei eA300-8a DAU is the wireless gateway for eLTE-IoT. The eA300-8a DAU exchanges data between wireless narrowband networks and wired local area networks. This DAU can be deployed independently and in outdoor scenarios.

eLTE-IoT eA300-8a DAU supports both standard narrowband compliant wireless access and local wired access.


Product Name eA300-8a eLTE-IoT DAU
Working Mode 902 MHz to 928 MHz
External ports One RJ45 port: 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port, supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
One USB port: For local maintenance
One SIM card slot

Note: By default, a software SIM card is used. However, this slot on the current eA300-8a is not used by default. 
Power supply PoE: Meets the standard of [1,2] and [3,6] pin pairs using Cat 5 power cables
Input AC power: 90V to 264V
Output DC power: 54 V/650 mA
Dimensions 258 mm x 220 mm x 66 mm
Weight About 1 kg (excluding the power adapter)
Ingress protection  IP65

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