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eLTE Broadband Access for Enterprise Networks

Communication improvements on lengthy trains

With the introduction of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, and Made in China 2025, we are embracing more efficient and intelligent industrial production and operations. The future communications systems provide not merely people-to-people or people-to-thing connectivity, but also thing-to-thing connectivity. Voice, broadband data, mass data collection, and various other applications pose higher requirements on networks.

To meet differentiated requirements, Huawei develops eLTE Industry Wireless Network solution that integrates broadband, narrowband, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. With this solution, continuous, reliable, and secure wireless communications are provided to diverse industrial customers, including urban rail transport, ports, airports, cargo stations, manufacturing, chemistry, oilfields, mines, electrical power, and water companies. The eLTE solution boasts a unified and open architecture to afford rich information for innovative big data applications and lay a foundation for smart park transformation.

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