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OptiX OSN 8800 OTN Platform

Huawei’s OptiX OSN 8800 is a widely deployed 100G/200G product applied on backbone and metro WDM/OTN networks, which are mainly used in power, finance, government, media, and transportation sectors.

It is future-oriented and adopts industry-leading technologies, such as the 2nd-generation SD-FEC, 100G, MS-OTN technology. Integrated ROADM, terabit electrical cross-connect, 100M to 100G any services access and protection functions, provide an end-to-end OTN/WDM transmission solution, achieve multi-service, large capacity, and full transparent transmission network.


Specifications OSN 8800 UPS OSN 8800 T16 OSN 8800 T32 OSN 8800 T64
Dimensions (H x W x D) 397 mm x 442 mm x 291 mm 450 mm x 498 mm x 295 mm 900 mm x 498 mm x 295 mm 900 mm x 498 mm x 580 mm
Number of Service Slots 16 16 32 64
Cross-connect Capability NA OTN: 1.6T ODUk
PKT: 800G
TDM: 640G VC-4
20G VC-3/VC-12
OTN: 3.2T ODUk
PKT: 1.6T
TDM: 1.28T VC-4
80G VC-3/VC-12
OTN: 6.4T ODUk
TDM: 1.28T VC-4
80G VC-3/VC-12
Rate per Channel (maximum) 100G/200G/400G
Channel Spacing 100 GHz fixed grid for 40/48 wavelengths 50 GHz fixed grid for 80/96 wavelengths 37.5 GHz to 400 GHz flex grid
Power Supply -48V/-60V DC
110V/220V AC
-48V/-60V DC

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