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    Agile Controller-WAN

    The Agile Controller-WAN, a core component of the Huawei IP WAN solution, enables cloud-based WAN solutions to maximize the value of networks. The Agile Controller-WAN has strong and flexible management capabilities that allow the rapid deployment and provisioning of VPN services on WANs. It can automate the monitoring, planning, and adjustment of network traffic based on set constraints, which improves network resource utilization. In addition, it provides differentiated SLA guarantees, makes network resources manageable and visualized, and greatly increases the efficiency of O&M. The Agile Controller-WAN uses an open architecture to support basic network services and northbound standardization and enables network northbound openness to reduce the difficulty of interconnection. It also provides customers with a ROADS experience.


    Items Features
    IP/MPLS Connectivity Automation Automated provisioning of VPN private line services
    Bandwidth on demand (BoD) and bandwidth calendaring
    L3VPN service discovery and tunnel discovery
    Resource Visualization Physical and logical topology
    Tunnel topology
    VPN service topology
    VPN service path and status
    Link, tunnel, and VPN connectivity checking
    Network Optimization MPLS network optimization:
    Global path computation and optimization and single service path optimization for MPLS tunnels
    Innovative ROAM algorithm for accurate path computation based on latency, bandwidth, etc.
    IP network optimization:
    Virtual link group addition, modification, and deletion
    Inter-AS one-hop optimization based on IP addresses, AS numbers, or community attributes
    One-hop or multi-hop IP backbone intra-domain optimization based on IP addresses, AS numbers, or community attributes
    Open Northbound APIs Network O&M northbound API
    Network optimization northbound API
    On-demand service provisioning northbound API
    High Availability Clustering and geographic redundancy
    Service data consistency checking
    L3VPN/VLL Service Capacity 128K
    L3VPN/VLL Service Provisioning Time (single) 10 seconds per service
    L3VPN/VLL Service Provisioning Time (concurrent) 5 services per second
    SR-TE Tunnel Optimization Capacity 64K
    RSVP-TE Tunnel Optimization Capacity 64K
    Single Re-optimization Time of a Large-scale Network 8 minutes (2,000 devices and 128K TE LSPs)
    Single Re-optimization Time of a Medium-sized Network 2 minutes (500 devices and 32K TE LSPs)

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