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NE5000E Cluster

The NE5000E series are large-capacity, high-performance routers developed by Huawei to provide carrier-class reliability. Based on the powerful Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), NE5000Es provide strong switching capabilities, dense ports, and high reliability. NE5000Es can serve as super-core nodes on IP backbone networks, core nodes on metro networks, egresses in large-scale IDCs, and core nodes on large enterprise networks.

NE5000E clusters are positioned as super-core nodes on backbone networks that provide Layer 3 routing and MPLS forwarding. In an NE5000E cluster, a Cluster Central Chassis (CCC) functions as a level-2 switching module and routing engine module in a three-stage switch fabric, and a Cluster Line-card Chassis (CLC) functions as a level-1 or level-3 switching and forwarding module.


Parameters NE5000E
Throughput Non-blocking switch fabric, multi-chassis support
Maximum system capacity: 819 Tbit/s, 64 chassis (400G)
Port Capacity 15 Tbit/s, single chassis (480G)
Slots/CLC 16 slots/single chassis
Interface Types GE, 10 GE, 155M POS, 622M POS, 2.5G POS, 10G POS, 40G POS, 40 GE, 100 GE, etc.
Routing Protocols IPv4 static routing, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP-4, PIM, MSDP, and MBGP
IPv6 IPv4 & IPv6 dual stack; IPv6 line-speed forwarding based on hardware
IPv6 static route, BGP4+, RIPng, OSPFv3, and IS-ISv6
IPv6 peer discovery, PMTU discovery, TCP6, ping IPv6, Tracert IPv6, socket IPv6, TFTP IPv6 client, IPv6 policy route, IPv6 NetStream, etc.
Manually configured tunnel, automatic tunnel, and 6-to-4 tunnel
High Availability 1:1 standby for MPU, 3+1 backup switching fabric, 8+8 backup for power supply, and 2+2 backup for fan
Hot-swappable based on state, Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) and Non-Stop Routing (NSR)
IGP/BGP/Multicast Fast Convergence
IP/LDP/BGP/TE Fast Re-Route (FRR), BGP/ISIS Auto FRR, ETH Trunk, and IP Trunk
In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU), automatic fault diagnosis function, and hot patching
Configuration management
Bi-direction compatible

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