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OceanStor SNS3096/5192/5384

Huawei’s OceanStor SNS3096, SNS5192, and SNS5384 are switches in data center network infrastructure.

These adaptable switches provide storage requirements and unparalleled reliability, with up to 16 Gbit/s performance.

Using enterprise Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology, the SNS3096, SNS5192, and SNS5384 unleash the full potential of high-density server virtualization, cloud architecture, and next-generation storage architecture.







Number of Ports

A maximum of 96 ports in increments of 24; the number of general-purpose ports can be increased to 48, 72, or 96 using PoD licenses.

A maximum of 256 ports; a fully populated chassis includes four blades, and each blade supports 32, 48, or 64 ports.

A maximum of 512 ports; a fully populated chassis includes eight blades, and each blade supports 32, 48, or 64 ports.

Port Types

D_Port, E_Port, EX_Port, F_Port, and M_Port

Port Rates

Auto-sensing of 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbit/s

Maximum Fabric Latency

Latency for locally switched ports is 700 ns

Aggregate Bandwidth

1,536 Gbit/s (96 ports x 16 Gbit/s data rate)

5.1 Tbit/s (256 ports x 16 Gbit/s data rate + 1.024 Tbit/s ICL bandwidth)

10.2 Tbit/s (512 ports x 16 Gbit/s data rate + 2.048 Tbit/s ICL bandwidth)

Media Types

SFP+, LC connector; 16 Gbit/s SWL, LWL, and ELWL

Maximum Frame Size

2,112-byte payload

Frame Buffers

8,192 frames dynamically allocated


Full fabric architecture with a maximum of 239 switches

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