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Smart City

Huawei develops open, customer-centric solutions in order to build a sustainable Smart City ecosystem

Education solutions


Communicate, educate, succeed. Spread knowledge online to make students smarter and teachers better.

Finance solutions


From banking to insurance and beyond — intelligent, modern solutions for the financial industry

Government solutions


Better services, quick and useful decision-making, forward-looking planning — government done right

Healthcare solutions


It takes strong medicine to stay healthy and Huawei’s innovative IT solutions help make it happen

Internet Service Provider

Leading New ICT, Building A New Cloud EcoSystem

Manufacturing solutions


Connecting labor, application systems, and smart machines to forge the factories of the future

Oil and gas solutions

Oil and Gas

From the arctic to the desert, better efficiency and safety for drilling, pipelines, and refineries

Public safety solutions

Public Safety

Leading New ICT, Making Cities Safer

Intelligent retail solutions


Embracing Digitalization, Accelerating New Retail

Railway Solutions


Convenient Travel & Smooth Logistics

Smart grid solutions

Smart Grid

Smart electricity service management and reliable distribution from generating plant to customers

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Abraxas Takes Cloud Computing to New Heights

Huawei CloudFabric assists Abraxas in building a future-proof cloud computing data center

Brazil and Huawei Upgrade eGov Network

Brazil chooses Huawei Agile Campus Solution to upgrade key network & prepare for SDN

KBS Builds New 4K Ultra-HD Production System

OceanStor 9000 enhanced scalability handles rapid data increase from traditional HD to 4K ultra-HD

Use Video Conferencing-as-a-Service and Save

Video Conferencing-as-a-Service saves costs and improves productivity for multilingual energy company

Protecting Enchanted Kenya

Huawei eLTE emergency communications networks improved safety conditions in Kenya

GSM-R Solution Takes the Gold at Sochi

Facing harsh environments, strict performance requirements, and a tight schedule at the Olympics

Huawei Keeps Malaysian Light Rail on Track

Subsystems, project management, integration, and implementation for a Malaysian light rail system

UK Broadband Moves to eLTE Broadband Solution

A 4G eLTE pilot showcases the security and functionality that emergency services operators require