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    Echolife MA5671 Enterprise Broadband Access ONU

    Resilient Optical Networking Units (ONUs) designed for small or home office environments and small-to-medium sized enterprises. Connect upstream to OLTs with Gbit/s Passive Optical Network (GPON) or GE cable; support high-speed broadband, POTS, fax and video surveillance applications.

    Highly integrated for efficiency, flexibility, and easy O&M, SmartAX MA567x Series ONUs are designed with comprehensive security features and protection against unauthorized access and DoS attacks.

    Compact enclosure installs easily in vertical or horizontal orientation on a wall, table, or in a cabinet, making it suitable for any indoor environment.


    Specifications MA5671 (Metal) MA5671 (Desktop)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 27 mm x 134 mm x 115 mm 4 GE: 28 mm x 175 mm x 138 mm
    1 GE: 27 mm x 90 mm x 82 mm
    –40°C to 55°C
    5% RH to 95% RH
    0°C to 40°C
    5% RH to 95% RH
    Power DC: 12V
    AC: 220V
    4 GE: Chinese standard: 12V DC, 1A
    British/European standard: 12V DC, 1A
    American standard: 12V DC, 2A
    1 GE: Chinese/European standard: 12V DC, 0.5A
    British standard: 12V DC, 1A
    American/Australia standard: 12V DC, 2A
    Network-side Ports GPON GPON
    User-side Ports 4 GE 4 GE or 1 GE
    Surge Protection
    Power port: 6 kV
    GE: 4 kV
    Power port: 6 kV
    GE: 4 kV

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