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Smart City

Leading New ICT, Building a Better Smart City

Education solutions


Innovative ICT — Building Better Connected Education

Finance solutions


Leading New ICT, Fueling Digital Finance Transformation

Government solutions


Better services, quick and useful decision-making, forward-looking planning — government done right

Healthcare solutions


Innovative ICT converges with medicine to keep people healthy

Internet Service Provider

Follow the Road to Success in Internet Business

Manufacturing solutions


Digital Convergence of Minds and Machines

Oil and gas solutions

Oil and Gas

Leading New ICT for Higher Safety and Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry

Public safety solutions

Public Safety

Leading New ICT, The Road to Collaborative Public Safety

Intelligent retail solutions


Embracing Digitalization, Accelerating New Retail

Smart grid solutions

Smart Grid

Bits Drive Watts to Smart Grid

Railway Solutions


Convenient Travel & Smooth Logistics

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Bringing the Digital World to Cape Verde

eGovernment cloud is necessary for local government, education and enterprises to enter a smart world.

eLTE-IoT Network for Mexican Power Grid

Huawei’s eLTE is a robust solution for optimizing time, security, and O&M expense metering.

Making Connections with Smart Logistics

Huawei’s Songshan Lake Supply and Logistics Center uses RF, PTL, GTP, and Carousel smart technologies.

Fonterra’s SAP HANA Solution Empowers Future Business

Efficient management system improves Fonterra’s business agility and productivity with insightful analysis

A Modern Digital Symphony in an Ancient City

Huawei’s Wi-Fi provides superior Internet access for Prague’s Metro.

Hong Kong Airport Gets Uninterruptible Power

The airport’s modular Huawei UPSs keep the logistics system up despite high humidity and salty air.

West Africa’s First Tier IV Modular Data Center

Huawei helps CEDL build a modular data center with highly reliable, simple, and flexible capacity expansion.

The World’s Largest Automated Container Port

Yangshan Port is built on Huawei’s first-of-its-kind 5.8 GHz Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technologies.