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Governments and top business leaders in various industries have realized how critical ICT infrastructure is in digital transformations. ICT has become the driving force behind economic expansion and transformations and it is estimated that investment in ICT infrastructure will exert a multiplier effect on economic growth in the coming years. The significance of ICT lies in not only with the increase in its scale and quantity, but also with its penetration into the foundation of commercial ecosystems.
Huawei’s customer success-oriented consulting and implementation services help enterprises manage their business and IT-based requirements in a top-down manner. Leveraging Huawei’s successful experiences and industry informatization best practices, these services assist enterprises and governments in resolving pain points in areas such as business processes, IT construction and management, information security, and technical innovation. Huawei’s consulting services for informatization strategies help customers develop strategies for their IT business. Top-level corporate architecture design and evolution roadmaps planning lead enterprises towards transformation and operational excellence.


  • Successful best practices

  • ICT transformation, minimized risks

  • Maximized value

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