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Huawei Flash Solution Debuts at China Data Summit 2016, Leads Data Centers in All-flash Era

02/11/2016 00:00:00 Author: Source:

[Beijing, China, November 2, 2016] The China Data Summit 2016 was held recently in Beijing. The event, entitled "Unleash Data Potential and Surpass Business Extreme Performance," gathered top authorities and experts in the storage field. Much of the discussion focused on how flash accelerates data on economic transformation. Qin Ling, Senior Marketing Director of the Huawei IT Storage Product Line, explained the Huawei flash solution and its technological layout in a keynote speech called, "Huawei Flash Storm Leads Data Centers in the All-flash Era".

Huawei Flash Solution Debuts at China Data Summit 2016

Huawei began researching and developing flash technology back in 2005, accumulating over 11 years of experience in the flash field. Huawei's Flash Storm campaign spearheads flash evolution by implementing technological innovations into media hardware and software, comprehensive flash products and solutions, as well as industry chain-wide cooperation.

Huawei is the only storage vendor that provides home-grown storage arrays and SSDs. It also has patented core technologies in SSDs. Huawei OceanStor V3 converged storage integrates various data management functions, while the OceanStor Dorado series is a storage array specially optimized for flash.

Through continuous innovation, Huawei's new-generation ES3000 V3, a series of NVMe SSDs, comes in two form factors – 2.5-inch disks or half-height and half-width PCIe cards – and provides up to 3.2 TB capacity. An ES3000 V3 NVMe SSD offers up to 3.2 GB/s bandwidth and 800,000 IOPS, which is a six to ten times improvement over SATA SSD. The ES3000 V3 series is designed to bring higher performance to several solutions, such as databases, cloud computing, distributed storage, and Big Data.

All-flash Dorado V3 has many attributes that set it apart from other offerings. This series comes with flash-oriented OS, chips, and SSD end-to-end in-depth optimization. With outstanding performance, solid reliability, and efficient convergence, the array ensures business continuity and yields 20-fold acceleration in database performance, fueling the development for core enterprise services.

Huawei continuously promotes the innovation and application of flash in server and storage fields to help users better use media while working with partners to establish a sustainable ecological chain.