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Huawei Video Cloud Solution Unveiled at Security China 2016, Promoting Cloud Transformation of the Security Industry

01/11/2016 00:00:00 Author: Source:

[Beijing, China, November 1, 2016] At China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016 (Security China 2016), Huawei promoted its new Safe City Video Cloud Solution under the “Cloud Transformation, New Engines” campaign to security industry customers as well as product and service providers. The solution further enables the move to cloud architectures with the Huawei Video Cloud Solution as the backbone powered on high-density OceanStor appliances supporting new 10TB-capacity helium-sealed drives, which feature the highest specifications in the industry.

Huawei Video Cloud Solution display at Security China 2016

Huawei continues to innovate new solutions for Safe City applications, and the latest Huawei Video Cloud Solution breaks away from the siloed architectures of traditional layouts to provide unified scheduling capabilities on global resources. The solution deploys a high-density storage architecture featuring industry leading 10TB-capacity helium-sealed disks. The solution reduces the footprint in the equipment room by as much as 50% while yielding a 75% reduction in power consumption over a five-year period as opposed to traditional storage solutions.

Industry largest 10TB-capacity helium-sealed drives in the Huawei Video Cloud Solution

Three major engines in the Huawei Video Cloud Solution accelerate cloud transformation of video surveillance systems. The resource engine uses distributed cloud data center technology to abstract the resources at the underlying layer while shielding the complexity of geographically distributed resources. The automated resource provisioning capabilities achieve unified management and O&M over global resources based on the particular requirements of the service systems. The data engine stores and analyzes all types of data in one system, extracting the higher value data for the task at hand. Multiple services share the same resource pools, which means data does not have to be moved while fulfilling data share requirements with new levels of synergy and efficiency. The application engine provides a wide-open video service PaaS platform able to tie into offerings from ISVs focused on the security market and yield view management, video analysis, and Big Data analysis services. The wide openness of the overall solution allows more industry-specific applications to run on one platform at higher efficiency.

 Huawei Video Cloud has helped Karamay, Longgang District of Shenzhen, Zhuhai of Guangdong Province, and St. Petersburg set up video cloud systems, becoming the core of Safe City construction. Huawei has a penetrating knowledge of the security and video surveillance industry. This latest release further exemplifies the company's ability to bring the full play of its advantages in product design into its solutions and help customers in the security industry calmly surmount ever-escalating requirements.